Spotlight on the schools: Hubbard

This ongoing series highlights the status of and activities of schools throughout town. Through interviews with administrators, the spotlight gives each of the schools a chance to show what’s new, what’s challenging and what’s great about its people, programs and facility. Look for your school in an upcoming spotlight; this week the focus is on:

Hubbard Elementary School

“Students remain at the center of everything we do, everything we represent,

and every decision we make.”

Hubbard Elementary School, 139 Grove St., East Berlin, serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade. There are 245 students enrolled.

Alfred Souza III is the school’s principal and its newest administrator. He has been principal for five years.

What’s new at your facility?

While there are currently no major facility updates to report, the school has added a swing set that accommodates eight children. The new playground equipment was acquired through efforts of the PTO.

In addition, efforts have been made to infuse technology into classrooms with the continued installation of interactive white boards (SMARTBoards) and the purchase of document cameras.

One of the primary curricular initiatives this year has been the implementation of the Writing Workshop. This is an interdisciplinary approach to writing which can build students’ fluency in this content area. The workshop occurs daily as students choose a writing topic with emphasis on writing for an authentic audience. The lesson opens with a high-energy mini-lesson that either expands the possibilities for writing topics/genres or hones in on elements of craft/skill. Students are given adequate time to draft their pieces and may be at different stages of the writing process as they develop their written products. Students are encouraged to write in a variety of genres with daily teacher-student conferences. Workshops close with a sharing or reflection time each day.

What’s your biggest challenge this year?

Given the economic climate and ongoing budget constraints, there is a constant necessity to be diligent and creative in acquiring, developing, maintaining, and advancing the critical resources of time, materials, and personnel to maximize student programs, educational opportunities, and learning experiences.

What you would like people to know about your school?

Hubbard School is a special educational community with a talented staff, supportive families, and students who continue to learn in unique and beautiful ways. Educators understand and apply both the art and science of teaching while exhibiting an unwavering commitment to the success of all students. Families support our mission and are consistently involved as partners in their children’s educational journeys at Hubbard. Students remain at the center of everything we do, everything we represent, and every decision we make.

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