Berlin resident Brian Mothersele on the Wheel of Fortune.

Berlin lifelong Wheel fan competes on episode airing May 2

If you tune into Wheel of Fortune Friday, May 2, you might see a familiar face. Brian Mothersele of Berlin will be appearing as a contestant in an episode of the popular game show, which celebrates its 6,000th episode this week.

“It was like fulfilling a lifelong dream,” said Mothersele, an avid Wheel of Fortune fan.

In Los Angeles for the taping, Mothersele was, of course, able to meet Pat Sajak, his favorite Wheel of Fortune host, the face of the show since 1983.

“It was pretty cool,” Mothersele said. “I’ve never met anyone that famous before in my life.”

Mothersele said the set seems “much smaller” than it does on television. “It’s really a relatively small room where they make the magic happen,” he said.

Mothersele said it was “quite an experience” traveling to L.A. to tape the show after a lengthy interview process.

The Berlin resident passed three rounds of auditions over the course of two trips to Rhode Island, where would-be contestants show off their personality, puzzle-solving skills, and television appeal. Auditioners complete written tests and play games, showcasing the excitement they would have as Wheel competitors.

In the last round, Mothersele was one of only 18 people, who were then split into groups of six to play a simulated puzzle.

Three weeks after that, Mothersele was invited to film on Feb. 27, a day before his birthday.

“I just wanted to go out there, be myself, and have a great time,” Mothersele said.

Mothersele can’t talk about his performance until after the episode airs; an episode Berlin Wheel fans won’t want to miss.

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